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An Introduction

Well, I've decided there's really no better way to start this off than an introduction. So hello, everyone. I'm Lacy.

I'm 20 years old and writing has been my passion since I could hold a pencil. I was lucky enough to be raised on books, fantasy in particular, from The Chronicles of Narnia to Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings. I've loved magic and adventure all my life, and as soon as I could I began writing down the stories that popped into my head. My mother still has the hand-written and illustrated copy of my first complete story, titled by my five-year-old self as The Dolphins That Fell in Love, hidden away in a box somewhere.

My writing has come a long way in the 15 years since then (or so I hope!) but don't worry, I've stuck to my roots of romance and animals galore--when I'm not throwing

potentially fatal obstacles at my characters, of course. I published my first novel, Dreams of Otherworld, the first in The Otherworld Trilogy, in September 2016 and followed it up in December 2017 with Six Waking, Book 2 of the series. The trilogy is a project I've been working on for almost 4 years, after my then-English teacher challenged me to write for the 2014 National Novel Writing Month challenge: 50,000 words in just 30 days. I intended to write a standalone adventure. I ended up with a planned series. Oops.

I was raised and still live in the beautiful state of Idaho, at present with a crazy Australian Shepherd mix affectionately nicknamed Piglet and a cat with a strange and terrible fear of bugs. While I can't yet write full-time it's my dream, and I spend every second I can working on my books. I have a strict and ambitious writing schedule and hope to be consistently releasing new and exciting stories, starting with a fantasy adventure standalone, Arcatraissa, and the finale of the The Otherworld Trilogy.

Credit: Red Zone Fandom Photography

While I do want to use this blog to chronicle my journey as an author, and I hope for you all to enjoy my writing, I also hope that this will let my readers and followers get to know me better. I know I love seeing what else makes up my favorite authors, and I hope you all will, too. On this blog you'll find updates on my writing, announcements of new books, writing tips, and fun writing-related extras, but also a peek into my life as a whole. Outside of writing I am a bookworm, an animal lover, a cosplayer, an all-around proud nerd, and many more things. This blog will be a new story, the story of my life as all of these things and how I juggle them all alongside my writing.

So welcome, everyone. Post a question, a comment, or a request, or just lurk and enjoy. Grab some tea and a free cat to keep you company. Until next time.

- Lacy

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