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Arcatraissa Available for Pre-Order!

Well, it's official. Arcatraissa is now available for Kindle Pre-Order! Pay now and have the book delivered to your account automatically on September 14th!

I'm so excited about this, I really can't even tell you guys. Arcatraissa has been around for years, longer than any book I plan to release, and is very close to my heart. It's incredible that it's so close to coming out, after all the work that's gone into it. And while there are about a hundred other people who helped make it happen, I have to thank everyone who reads this post, too. Even if you just stumbled across this website and have no idea who I am or why I'm here babbling about books, the fact that you're reading this at all means I've accomplished something I've wanted all my life. So thank you.

But enough sappy stuff. Arcatraissa is less than a month from release, and I cannot wait for you all to see this crazy, fairy-filled adventure that's been taking over my head for the last 9 years. Pre-order Arcatraissa here!


Cassie has never believed in magic. Whatever her ailing aunt claims, and whatever Cassie wants to believe, fairies aren't real. The old storybook is just a storybook, and the whispering in the garden is just the wind.

Tae has spent all his life watching children grow up and stop believing in magic. Every companion he's ever had, lost to the human world. All but one.

When Tae and Cassie's worlds collide, both are instantly enchanted. Swept away to the magic of the faery world, Cassie thinks she's living a dream. But with the kingdom on the edge of disaster and the shadow of her aunt's illness hanging over her family, what begins as a fairytale quickly becomes complicated.

Maybe deadly.

Because someone is taking fae in the dead of night, and Cassie and Tae find themselves wrapped up at the center of it all with no idea which way to turn. Beneath every dazzling faery light of Arcatraissa is a shadow, and everybody, human and fae, has a secret to keep.

Magic is a dangerous thing to dabble in, but old lies are infinitely more so.

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