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Author Feature: RaeLynn

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Looking for something new to read and short on money? Check out my monthly featured aspiring authors and their free-to-read works!

We're kicking this new project off with the fantastic RaeLynn, author of Into Olympus--so all you Greek mythology nerds rejoice. I know you're out there.

The rules of the Greek gods and goddesses states that every god must pass their power on at some point; and now, it would be transferred to two teenagers: Emily and Alex. Suddenly, the two are forced into a relationship they don't want to be in. Soon, Emily finds out about this sick past. Fueled by anger, she vows to rewrite history.

I knew RaeLynn already but there were definitely some questions I wanted to ask about Into Olympus and her writing in general, and I wanted to make sure you guys could get to know her too. So check out some inside info on the book and author, and read a sample below!

  1. Tell me a little about your writing journey. How long have you been writing, and how did you get started?

"I started writing in 2016 for fun, I got started because my teacher was always pushing us to try new skills and she said I'm amazing at writing so here we are."

Why fantasy specifically? Is it something you write often, or is this your first venture into the genre?

"I love to make my own worlds. From a small scribble on a scrap paper to a fleshed-out world. All of my works have fantasy elements, from a new world to a magical fairy."

What are your goals for your writing?

"I love writing, and it's my stress reliever from the real world, which is why I write fantasy. I don't think I could do it full time, and I'd hate to ruin my passion because of my work. However, publishing is a goal of mine."

What inspired Into Olympus?

"Into Olympus was a 3am thought, I wrote it down and left it. When I started planning I thought it would only be a small short story, that was until I saw how I could put my twist on it."

Who is your favorite character in the book and why? Tell me a little about them.

"I personally love Chad (Poseidon). I love his carefree yet serious attitude. He is a jerk at first but I promise he will get better, after all a past makes a person."

For fun, since your book uses Greek mythology, who's your favorite Greek god?

"I love Hera, even though Zeus cheated on her millions of times, she still is an amazing goddess."


“Every god and goddess change when their time is up, but for the first time in history, they all change on the same day,” the reporter said, going down the vast hall of gods and goddesses. “The event is the first of its kind. Let’s review the rules, every god and goddess already chose which teen as a small child, and now they can meet with their god and goddess!” The reporter stopped in her steps. “Back to you, Chris!” she says as the camera goes back to the main set. “That is insane, Jenna! I hope these teens will fit their roles!” The male reporter says, looking into the camera from his chair. “Why don’t we talk to some teens that think they are the chosen!” He says as he stands and starts walking to the doors where a girl is waiting. “Welcome love, why do you think you are the next goddess?” He asks the girl. “I love every season, the earth and the heavens,” she says while taking the mic. “ I also won’t let anyone get in my way.” The girl smiles and gives the mic back. “Some teens are getting quite aggressive about the matter, and parents are worried about these new events. Teens are posting social media votes asking if they will be the next god or goddess.”

Read Into Olympus for free, and follow and support RaeLynn on Wattpad and Twitter!

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