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Author Feature: Sib Rene

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Looking for something new to read and short on money? You're in the right place, where I'll be featuring aspiring writers and their (free!) work!

Meet Sib Rene, author of werewolf romance Forgotten Wolf.

Scars… Some are worn on the outside and read like a book, others hidden on the inside and unseen shape every fabric of our being.

Alpha Chris has his share of scars. He wears them like badges of honor, having earned them protecting his pack. Jess carries hers on the inside, a collection of secret shame…

What happens when a battle hardened Alpha who is used to getting his way, comes up against a stubborn woman set on walling herself from everyone?

Will he be able to break through and reach his goddess given gift? Or will pride and temper break it all. The Moon Goddess has a plan that neither understand.

Meet the author and read a sample below:

Tell me a little bit about your writing journey. How long have you been writing, and how did you get started?

This is my first year writing though ive been an advid reader for twenty years. I read everything that came my way and always had ideas but something about this year I finally got the courage to put one on paper.

Why werewolves specifically? Is it something you write often, or is this your first venture into writing them?

There’s something very seductive about the werewolf/shifter world. The idea that theres a perfectly matched soulmate out there waiting for you is very interesting to me. Also the danger aspect adds something too.

What are your goals for your writing?

I want people to enjoy and get lost in my story. Everyone loves a good romance, for me its the rest of the plot that really draws me in. I want people to feel for my characters, root for them to overcome the obstacles in their way.

What inspired Forgotten Wolf?

It comes from the dark recesses of my mind. I have read many werewolf romances, but I wanted my own twist on it.

Who is your favorite character in the book and why? Tell me a little about them.

I love my main character Jess, but I feel like Sara may be my favourite. Shes rough around the edges, and fiercely loyal to a fault. Her convictions are strong, and she wont be bullied or swayed by anyone. She also refuses to conform to society, holding the head warrior possition which is typically a male position. She has some of the greatest growth over the trilogy.

Werewolves have so much potential to be taken different ways, what’s your twist on them?

I feel like calling them shifters in my book would be more accurate as they aren’t the Hollywood horror icons ruled by the moon. I tried to make mine very plausable, the MC Jess wasn’t raised in the shifter world so as she learns about it, it’s laid out for the readers too.

Do you have anything else you’d like to say to the readers?

If they haven’t tried werewolf/shifter stories before, this is a great one to start with because it doesn’t expect you to know anything about the genre.


This may be the first time that the thought of you running sounds like fun," Chris says quietly. A shiver runs down my spine as my heart starts to race, his hazel eyes are dancing with excitement. “Get all your bets placed?”

“B-bets?” I stutter as my body seams to have forgotten how to function in his presence. “I didn’t think to make any, but Sara and Claire made a few.” I barely have any idea how this game works let alone try and win bets on it.

“How about some action?” My mouth drops at his suggestive tone earning a laugh. “If we win-” I cut him off there knowing there are already a bunch of those types of bets made.

“They’ve already got win or loose covered, let’s pick a pony” I counter, he raises a brow. “I’m picking Jude to make it to the final four on your team.” Clearly this was not the direction he wanted this to take but he recovered quickly.

“And if he doesn’t? What do I win?” He’s already counting Jude out, which irritates me to no end.

“What do I get when he does?” I counter, he’s looking quite amused at my challenge.

“What ever you want, in reason of course.” He smiles and holds out a hand, “do we have a deal?” I shake and nod, please Jude don’t let me down! A mischievous grin spreads across his face as he pulls me close, “run little one, let the chase begin,” he whispers, his husky voice causes a tightening in the pit of my stomach.

Challangers hit the forest first and have a twenty minute grace period before the defenders come. I have been left on my own with no direction so after jogging for ten minutes I take a pause. I’m no athlete, I’m certainly not out running anyone. I spot a couple good pines on the edge of a small clearing, wonder how well they climb?

I start up the first and get half way up before I realize theres a gap I can’t get past. A buzz on the smart watch tells me the defenders have entered the forest. I quickly switch trees getting out of sight just before I hear someone approach.

“Come on out,” I hear Xavier call, I hold my breath as he slowly comes towards me sniffing the air. “I know you’re here Jess.” He walks around the area trying to pinpoint my location. He doesn’t know where I am just that I’m around! ‘Maybe you have a chance after all!’ He slowly comes to a stop at the base of the two trees. ‘Or not!’ “Come down, I know you’re up there,” he calls.

Clearly annoyed by my silence he starts climbing, the wrong one! “Really Jess? You’re going to make me drag you out of a tree,” he complains as he reaches the spot I couldn’t get past.


Read Forgotten Wolf for free and follow and support Sib Rene on Wattpad!

Check out my other featured authors for more free-to-read works!

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