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Author Feature: Sinderella

Looking for something new to read and short on money? You're in the right place, where I'll be featuring aspiring authors and their (free!) work!

This month meet Sinderella, author of fantasy romance Tainted Wings*!

*Tainted Wings contains explicit sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 18

We all know Lucifer is the one who despises all humans, but little did we know that the Devil himself would fall in love.

When God banished him from Heaven, he was saved by a powerful human witch. Virago gave him a home, showed him how to love, and birthed his very own children, but sometimes everything we love has to come to an end.

Thousands of years after Virago was killed, Lucifer finds her again, but without her past life memories. Afraid of the consequences her memories could bring back, Lucifer tries everything to keep her safe, but his sons have different plans. They spent years wishing to feel their mother’s love again.

Now that Virago has been reborn, the Princes of Hell are faced with a choice: to revive her memories and risk her life again, or let it all be?

Meet Sinderella and read a preview of Tainted Wings below!

Tell me a little bit about your writing journey. How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

"I started writing when I was a kid, but I only wrote very short stories. Then I got into it more when I was 17 and wrote fanfiction for the DC fandom. I ended up leaving the fandom when I was around 19 and started writing on Wattpad. I wrote a very cringey book called The Virgin and the Pornstar, which will always be the book I dislike the most with a passion. To this day, I still don’t understand why people love it so much. Then I came up with Tainted Wings and even though it was only my second attempt at writing a book, it will always be my baby."

Why fantasy specifically? Is it something you write often, or is this your first venture into the genre?

"This was definitely my first venture. Before Tainted Wings, I never knew I’d be into writing anything fantasy/supernatural related. Now I love it so much because it gives me the liberty to think outside the box. Now I’m planning on writing eight spin-offs to Tainted Wings and I also have two other fantasy books I want to write… Is that crazy? I don’t think so! And just letting you know, they’re all romance related!"

What are your goals for your writing?

"Right now, I’m just having fun. It’s only a hobby, but I think down the line I may end up publishing my books. Not The Virgin and the Pornstar, though. We don’t talk about that haha! I do think my purpose in life is to create. I love writing and drawing and making YouTube videos, so there’s a high possibility I’ll end up publishing."

What inspired Tainted Wings?

"Anime. The Seven Deadly Sins anime to be exact. Also the show Lucifer! Both really had me thinking, What if Lucifer fell in love with a human and she gives birth to the seven deadly sins? Then boom! Tainted Wings was born. I instantly started planning out the book the same day. I remember at one point I was thinking who would even want to read it, but I pushed that kind of mindset away and now today I have people asking me for the spin-offs!"

Who is your favorite character in it and why? Tell me a little about them.

"My main character, Virago. Mostly because of how fun she is and how much she loves her family. Present Virago is the type to take care of you at a club even if she drank a lot herself. Past Virago is very motherly. Mix the two together in Book Two, and you get yourself a funny mom who may have snuck some wine in her breakfast. I also love how she can make the actual Devil become so sweet and kind. She has the power to put him in his place, too."

What are some challenges you faced in writing the romance, and balancing the romantic and fantasy elements? How did you deal with those challenges?

"It was surprisingly only a bit challenging! When I was planning Tainted Wings, the story basically told itself and just used me as a vessel to write. But I did ask myself if I was writing too much romance. I think what helped balance everything out was the fact that Book One was actually split between past and present. Most of the romance was in the past, while the rest was in the present."

Do you have anything else you'd like to say to the readers?

If you ever read Tainted Wings, let me know in the comments! I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and it always makes my day. And if you enjoy fantasy/supernatural books with steamy scenes, then stay tuned for a bunch more!


The sound of a tree branch snapping behind her gave her a fright. She turned around, ready to kill the intruder but it was just Lucifer standing by the lake. The thought of covering her body was there, but the lust in Lucifer’s eyes made her confidently present herself.

Spending time with Virago every day, Lucifer was bound to feel something for her and he knew it. Whether it was lust or love or just a small crush, he undressed regardless of the feelings he had.

Virago watched him enter the lake, walking towards her. Her heart was beating irregularly and that’s when she knew she couldn’t continue ignoring the love she had for him. The entire time, she was afraid of confessing, afraid of losing him, but here he was staring at her with that same fear, love, and lust. She tried her best not to look down, keeping her eyes on his.

Lucifer took another step forward until her breasts pressed against him. Not a single word was said. He leaned down, holding her warm cheeks in his hands. He took his time to savor the moment until he passionately kissed her under the full moon.


Read Tainted Wings for free, or follow Sinderella on Wattpad, Twitter, or YouTube!

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