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Book Review: The Moon Faerie's Night Sky by Anne Stryker

With just over a month until Arcatraissa's release, I need a serious break from all the last-minute work, and if I know anything about writers and bookworms it's that there are never too many book reviews or recommendations. So for everybody out there waiting for Arcatraissa, or looking for a new read or new author, have a book review. And because you've got me doing it, have a book review with fairies.

The Moon Faerie's Night Sky by Anne Stryker

The Moon Faerie's Night Sky is a fantasy romance novella by new self-published author Anne Stryker. I'll be honest and say that Anne is a good friend of mine, but I was not given an ARC or otherwise free copy. I bought the book purely because I wanted to read it, and this review is my 100% honest opinion.

Blurb: Kori’s life is like any other fae’s--filled with teasing, frolicking, and adventuring--until she makes the mistake of wandering into human hunting ground. Trapped between two men’s sweaty fingers, she beholds her future unraveling into one of torture and misery. That is...until a gentle voice brushes through the trees, and a whisper of magic saves her.

Offering to repay the mysterious wizard for his kindness, Kori allows moments of vulnerability and trust to lead her into yet another compromising situation. One that leaves her suspended in an iron birdcage.

With the wizard’s villainy becoming clearer each day, the little moon faerie must find her way out of his clutches--before it’s too late.

Review: I'll start by saying I very much enjoyed this story. It's a quick read full of all the things there is to love about fantasy: magic, adventure, memorable characters, and a stunning little world all to itself. While I typically don't read novella-length works, this one has none of the problems I've encountered with underdeveloped characters and flat plot. It's easy to fall in love with little Kori's spunky and curious nature, and with charming and mysterious wizard Zelim. It kept me questioning throughout--always a plus for me.

Where the story really shines, though, is the writing itself. The Moon Faerie's Night Sky is written with a truly amazing level of skill, and pulled me in instantly. From start to finish there's a poetic, lyrical quality to the writing that I can't get enough of. Reading this story feels like walking through a dream.

I won't spoil anything, but for those readers looking for heart-racing action and worlds to be saved, this story isn't for you. It's a soft and delicate tale that will take your breath away, not a fast-paced and high-stakes story. As a lover of struggle, tragedy, and the bittersweet, it hits a far more optimistic note than I typically enjoy, but that very tone suits Kori's journey and Stryker's writing to a tee, and it's pulled off beautifully.

If you aren't a fan of slow pacing and the childlike kind of fairytale feel, skip this one. But for fantasy lovers looking for a good hit of childhood nostalgia, enchanting characters, or just a quick dose of beauty and magic, The Moon Faerie's Night Sky is a must.

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