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Character Concept: Dominic

Well, readers, I felt like having some fun today, and I thought you all might enjoy another little peek into all the crazy running around my head (plus, it helps me get Dom to shut up and let me work on what I'm supposed to be working on). So may I present my first of probably many character concept post, featuring various characters who don't yet have a developed story to go with, but who are floating around nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I cannot confirm when any story involving Dominic may be written or published, or if any aspects of the character will remain the same.

Dominic, or Dom, is about as deadly as you can get. Don't cross his path if you can help it--he'll have you throwing yourself into the street at his command with a smile on your face. A magical, immortal being with a love of deals and contracts à la crossroads demons, Dom's favorite pastime is causing trouble wherever he goes, especially for a certain someone he's got a long and twisted history with. And if a few humans get caught in the crossfire, all the better.

I don't know a ton about Dominic's story yet (including literally any kind of goal or conflict beyond the fact that Dom's evil), other than his relationship with protagonist Bellamy, but I'm having a lot of fun developing him. I've written some dark themes but my usual MO is definitely on the 'look at these misguided/morally gray people, is anyone even really the bad guy?' side, and there's absolutely no question that Dom's about 1,000% a bad dude. So it's not often I dive into the really dark and chaotic kind of stuff he's all about. I have a feeling I'll have to do some serious tapping into my evil side to write his story.

But I'm a Slytherin, so that shouldn't be too hard.

A list of random facts about Dominic (AKA Edgy Aesthetic Boi):

Genre: (Dark?) Urban Fantasy

Role: Antagonist

Race: Definitely not human, that's all I've got for ya

Alignment: Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil (boy's indecisive)

Current place of residence: Georgia, USA

Body modifications: Tongue piercing, 3 upper ear piercings (left ear), tattoo sleeves depicting flames and eyes that seem to flicker just slightly when you're not quite looking at them

Guyliner? Hells to the yes

Favorite color: Maroon

Favorite book: Probably some kind of old Russian novel he has an original copy of. Signed.

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