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Everlast Cover Reveal and Release Date

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Well, lovelies, I figured we should end this year with something nice and fun, so it's cover reveal day! I've been hard at work getting Everlast: Book 3 of the Otherworld Trilogy ready for you guys and things are finally coming together. It's been a long road here but I'm almost done, and to celebrate that I want to show you all the amazing work my cover artist has done to finish off the series.

Everlast hits shelves and sites on March 22, 2019, so keep an eye out!


Surviving the ghost town and Osborne's test has left Fox, Griffin, Rowan, Lightning, and Blue with a little more knowledge about their powers and themselves than when their journey began. But with their only home destroyed, the Points are about to see their world change forever.

Now back in Selene with their memories slowly returning, they struggle to reconcile their past with the present. With emotions volatile and loyalties being questioned, the Points are caught between Maize and SAM in a war of hidden agendas and revenge. The battle has begun and none will leave unscathed.

The time for the Points to end has come, and for the Otherworld to take its new master.


Read an early draft sample of Everlast

Buy books 1 and 2 of The Otherworld Trilogy

Check out the amazing Rebecca Frank's artwork

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