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Help, I've Joined the World of Bookstagram

After many hours of scrolling through pretty book-related Instagram posts and having another author friend send me way too many gorgeous pictures of her books, I've taken the leap and joined the bookstagram world. Previously I used Instagram purely for the sake of my cosplay obsession, but I guess I'm running 2 accounts now.


If you don't know what bookstagram is, it's a simple combination of 'book' and 'Instagram'--an Instagram account dedicated to bookish things. A place where bookworms can share their love of pretty covers and fictional people in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. So if that sounds like your thing, head on over and check it out. Because it's totally my thing. The question is whether or not it will eat my soul.

Bets? I'm thinking yes. But that's fine. I'm a ginger, how much soul do I really have, anyway?

Sooo, if you like photos compiled of pretty books, mugs of tea, and random small objects found around my house, that'll be a regular thing now. *Thumbs up* Check out my new account @lacysheridanauthor.

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