Inspiration: Lindsey Stirling

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Lindsey Stirling. This post is purely my unsolicited thoughts and opinions as a fan. All videos have been linked from Lindsey Stirling's official YouTube channel, all credit goes to her and others involved in their creation, and I recommend anybody interested go there or to her other official sites for more content or information.

Post Two of my Inspiration series, here we go. I've known of and loved Lindsey Stirling for a couple years now, ever since her song Crystallize was recommended to me while writing Six Waking. Fun fact: the entire last 4 chapters of Six Waking's first draft were written to Crystallize on loop. And for a few months I actually never listened to another song of hers. But then I branched out, and let me tell you, guys, wow.

Shatter Me was the first actual music video of hers I saw, and it blew me away. The amazing sense of imagination and magic in her videos and music just drew me in. If you're a lover of the whimsical and fantastical, you're in for a treat.

You'll find Beyond the Veil in my official Tide playlist, and it's not the only one on there. Lindsey Stirling's music has also served as creative inspiration for Arcatraissa, Of Blood and Ashes, and more of my books. If there's magic and adventure, you can bet Lindsey Stirling's played a part in helping my brain sort out the details and make it happen.

Not to mention, the girl can dance. Having grown up in ballet myself, I wish I could move like that and can appreciate the kind of work it must take.

Between the dancing, the music, the fashion, and the adventures her mind seems to take her on--well, whatever world she's living in, I'd love to be there. But I'm content to live in it for a few minutes at a time. Or...y'know...hours, if I'm procrastinating.

Check out Lindsey Stirling's official YouTube channel and website for more.

Anyone else a fan? Inspired by her music and imagination? Tell me in the comments, or recommend another artist you think I'd enjoy!

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