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Monthly Update: March 2022

I know, I didn't post a monthly update for February.

We're not gonna talk about February.

It's March now and I have things back on track. Sort of. I hope. To make up for my total lack of doing anything productive whatsoever in the last month I'm bumping my word count goal up to 25,000 words. It's not a ton more but hopefully I can stick to it and eventually be back where I should be right now.

As far as my projects...yeah, there's really not much progress update to give you guys. My characters are sad and neglected. Send plot bunnies and sacrifices to the writing gods my way.

On the bright side, I do have 3 more books on my to-write list than I had a month ago, so there's that. Am I ever going to actually write them? No one knows. But they're there.

I'm off to type until my fingers fall off. And if you're in need of more magic and awesomeness in your life, remember you can find more frequent updates, sneak peeks, and more on my Instagram, or subscribe to my newsletter (and get a free novella!)

Happy March to you all.

- Lacy

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