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October 2020 Wrap-Up

First of all, happy Halloween, lovelies! I hope you're having a fun and spooky day full of sugary treats, even if you have to be holed up inside this year.

We've reached the end of October already. I can't believe how fast this last month went. I guess finally getting back to work made me busier than I expected. Writing has been slow but that's not too bad of a thing considering we're heading into NaNoWriMo season and, as I'm sure any writers among you can attest, not being burnt out on day one is a major plus. I'm excited to go back to the project I had to pause last year and hopefully finish it up, so wish me luck. It's a story I've really loved and wanted to write for a while, but with the chaos of the last year just haven't gotten to it. Updates on that to come, especially if you follow my Instagram (@lacysheridanauthor)!

If you haven't kept up with me through the month, some exciting things have happened. I finally got to reveal the cover of The Ruin of Snow, my contribution to the Enchanted Kingdoms box set, and if you love anything fairytale go preorder now! 20+ retellings for $0.99 and all proceeds go to charity, so you're getting a crazy good deal.

On a non-book-related note, baby Westley not only turned a whole 3 months old, but hit his first milestone towards being mobile this month. He's going to be running before I know it. I just hope we can keep up with him. He's a busy little thing already.

I hope October has treated you all well and you're looking forward to November. For those of you in the US happy early Thanksgiving (however that's going to look this year) and for those of you participating in NaNoWriMo, best of luck. I hope your November will be more relaxed than mine. Two book deadlines coming up--but more on that next month.

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