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Spotify Playlist: Arcatraissa

If you don't know, I'm honestly obsessed with music. I can't write without it, and I can't really live all that long without it, either. If I can have headphones on, they're on. And I'm that crazy person who will listen to that song you want to show me and go, 'Wait, wait, wait, this is literally X character, let me write this down now.'

So I have another playlist for those of you as addicted to Spotify as I am (seriously, I resisted for so long and I don't know why). Take a peek into my inspiration and generally some of my favorite music! Arcatraissa's is a shorter one, but has some songs I really love and that helped me so much when I was working on this book. I hope you guys will like them, too, or at least enjoy seeing this piece of my writing process.

Find Arcatraissa's playlist here!

And if you're looking for something to keep you occupied until Book 3 comes out, check out The Otherworld Trilogy's Spotify playlist!

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